Our Projects

Our goal is to end sexual assault against young athletes by ensuring perpetrators and enablers are held accountable, creating transparency in reporting, building an environment in which athletes do not fear retaliation when reporting abuse, and advocating for change to protect survivors. We support sexual violence survivors and change society through advocacy, education, and resources.

To learn more about our past projects and what we’ve accomplished, visit Our Impact.

ongoing projects

TAOS Programming

resource development

Our organization works to create and disseminate inclusive, diverse, and trauma-informed support related to sexual abuse in sport to athlete survivors, and those changing laws so that they can better protect athletes and young adults. This includes work to:

  • Create resource materials for athlete survivors, secondary survivors, allies, and community specific to the abuse in sport context
  • Create a network and collaborate with athlete survivors nationally and globally
  • Coordinate and collaborate with allied agencies and organizations to create resources
  • Host Survivor Speak Outs and networking events for athletes
  • Aggregate existing resources for survivors of sexual violence within sports

Our organization proudly developed many resources for survivors. Check out the “Resources” and “Support” tabs to find our public resources.

The Army of Survivors has also worked to create a Child Athlete Bill of Rights because we believe every child athlete has the right to be SAFE. That means:

  • SAY “NO”: You have the right to say “no” in unwanted situations.
  • ACT: You have the right to disclose and act when something doesn’t feel right.
  • FEEL: You have the right to express your feelings and emotions and receive support.
  • EDUCATE: You have the right to understand what abuse is and how to report it.

In July, the Child Athlete Bill of Rights was featured alongside Executive Director Julie Ann Rivers-Cochran in a World Players United video encouraging athlete safety.

technical assistance

Our organization has offered technical assistance to many national and international companies and institutions including FIFA, National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), World Players Association, International Olympic Committee (IOC), and Apple.


TAOS works to advocate for inclusive, diverse, and trauma-informed state, national, and international laws and policies that support survivors of sexual abuse in sports through the following methods:

  • Participate in legislative advocacy including reforming laws related to sexual assault of minors
  • Garner public support for and promote athletes’ rights
  • Elevate survivor voices in advocacy efforts
  • Create public awareness of the prevalence of sexual violence in sport, prevention methods, and safeguarding best practices
  • Promote best practices and policies for sports institutions and governing bodies to implement in order to safeguard athletes

Our organization has created a policy agenda that defines our goals as an organization within the United States.

Compassionate Coach

TAOS is working with leading experts across the country to develop an 8-week certification for coaches working with youth athletes on trauma-informed coaching in sport. The course will teach coaches what trauma is, how it affects athletes and children, how to recognize it, and how to adjust their coaching approach accordingly. The course is currently in development and will be piloted in spring of 2023.

Trauma Informed Survivor Advocacy Training

TAOS created and piloted the Trauma-informed Survivor Advocacy Training, where athletes and athlete survivors learned about the legislative process, found confidence in their voices, and learned to advocate as TAOS volunteers.

Trauma Informed Media Training

Our organization has supported survivors with media training. During these sessions, athletes and athlete survivors learned how to advocate for themselves during media interviews, and learned what to expect should a reporter request an interview.

Survivor Speakouts

We hold virtual Survivor Speak Outs, providing a safe and supportive virtual space for survivors to share their stories and find support. These events are trauma-informed and give survivors a platform to take the power back by telling their story.

Campus Ambassadors

We are excited to welcome Campus Ambassadors to our team. Campus Ambassadors are students from across the nation who share our commitment to positive change. TAOS Campus Ambassadors help us further our mission on their campus by distributing resources, establishing relationships with student activists and campus organizations that align with our mission, and amplifying the voices of those on campus through The Army of Survivors’ channels. Currently we have ambassadors at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Ohio State University, and Butler University.

Partnerships and Coalitions

TAOS is a proud member of the Brave Movement, a global network of advocates, organizations, and non-profits in order to start a global movement to end sexual violence against children and adolescents. 

TAOS worked in partnership with Child USA to launch and disseminate a Child Athlete Bill of Rights. The partnership launched digital ads in order to spread awareness about the pervasiveness of abuse in sport, and inspired the action of hundreds of parents, survivors, and allies to urge their communities to adopt the Child Athlete Bill of Rights and safeguarding policies. We are still currently working to encourage sports organizations to incorporate the Bill of Rights into their daily work and policies.

The Sport & Rights Alliance is an unprecedented global coalition of leading NGOs and trade unions working together to embed human rights and anti-corruption across world sport. The Army of Survivors joined the Sport & Rights Alliance to elevate the voices of survivors of abuse globally.

Keep kids safe steering group

TAOS is part of the steering group for a national movement, Keep Kids Safe. Collaborating with other nationally recognized organizations, we work to end sexual violence against children and adolescents. Our focus is on comprehensive, bold, and transformative action from leaders focused on:

  • Prevention to protect this and every generation to come
  • Healing for victims, survivors, and their families
  • Justice for victims/survivors and accountability for perpetrators and institutions who covered up the abuse

Through work with the Keep Kids Safe Coalition, The Army of Survivors worked to create the U.S.National Blueprint to End Sexual Violence Against Children and Adolescents, which outlines steps the United States federal government can take to prevent sexual violence against children and adolescents, and ensure that those who experience sexual violence have access to healing and justice. The Army of Survivors was key in centering survivor voices in the development of the blueprint, coordinating and facilitating the first Keep Kids Safe Survivor Roundtable. During this event, a diverse group of survivors from throughout the U.S. provided feedback on the proposed blueprint.

International Safeguards for Children in Sport Coalition

As a part of the International Safeguards for Children in Sport Coalition, we work to encourage organizations to protect children whenever and wherever they play sport by providing guidance and support in developing safeguarding policy. The Army of Survivors is also a part of the Advisory Group for the coalition, where we work to guide the strategic visioning and long-term planning of the group.

Safe Sport International Advisory Board

The Army of Survivors was also invited to be a part of the Safe Sport International advisory group. With Safe Sport International, we will work to advise on strategic visioning and long-term goals. The Army of Survivors is also a part of the Safe Sport International Athlete Committee, working to amplify the voices of athletes in the work that they do.