Dear Survivor… From Louise Montag

During Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, The Army of Survivors is publishing a series of open letters to athlete survivors from our board members. This is the second letter in the series.

Dear Survivor,

You are incredible – not just because of your athletic ability or accolades – but because you are you. Some days may be tougher and others a bit easier after experiencing trauma. Things may feel distant or out of place. You may experience exhaustion unlike the toughest practice you’ve ever been through.

It is ok to be right where you are.

Healing is a messy process. Know that you are not alone. And know that it is possible to move forward and feel whole again. There is not one path to healing or a “right way”. There is only your process and your timeline. We stand here with you through all of the ups and downs. Give yourself grace and love. Trust your gut.

Put yourself first.

You deserve it.

Sending warm thoughts your way,
Louise Montag